Chef s Specialties

w. White Rice
97. Happy Family
An exotic combination of fresh lobster, shrimp, beef, chicken, pork, Chinese mushrooms, pea pods, vegetables.
98. Special Four Season
A delicious combination of chicken breast, shrimp & roast pork, sauteed w. Chinese vegetables in special sauce.
99. Sea, Heaven & Earth
Chicken, sliced roast pork & shrimp deliciously blended w. mixed Chinese vegetables.
100. Seafood Delight
Fresh shrimp, lobster meat, scallops with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, waterchestnuts, pea pods, baby corn, with Chinese vegetables.
spicy 101. General Tso's Chicken
Chunks of chicken, sauteed in special hot Hunan sauce our chef follow General Tso's recipe from Ching Dynasty.
spicy 102. Hunan Style Beef, Shrimp or Chicken
Baby corn, snow peas, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, broccoli w. Hunan sauce.
spicy 103. Roast Pork & Shrimp w. Golden Sauce
Fresh shrimp & pork w. broccoli & Chinese vegetables w. golden sauce.
spicy 104. Triple Szechuan Delight
Shrimp, chicken & beef sauteed w. mushroom, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts in spicy Szechuan sauce.
spicy 105. Dragon & Phoenix
Spicy stir-fried shrimp & General Tso's chicken
106. Hawaii Five "O"
Chunks of scallops, lobster meat, roast pork, chicken and jumbo shrimp pan fried together then sauteed w. Chinese veg. mushrooms.
107. Beef & Scallop
Tender fresh scallop and flank steak lightly marinated and sauteed with fresh scallion in the kung po sauce.
108. Lake Tung Ting Shrimp
Large whole shrimp sauteed w. broccoli, straw mushrooms & bamboo shoots in a delicious white wine sauce.
109. Scallop w. Shrimp
Fresh scallops & shrimp sauteed w. broccoli, water chestnuts, straw mushrooms served in our chef's sauce.
110. Home Style Bean Curd
Combination of fresh mixed vegetables w. bean curd.
111. Sweet & Sour Combo 10.20
spicy 112. Sauteed Diced Chicken & Shrimp 9.70
113. Pineapple Chicken 9.70
spicy 114. Tai Chien Chicken 9.70
spicy 115. Chicken w. Black Pepper Sauce 9.70